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The community profile!!! o.o What happened to it??

Mmm ;.;

I'd just thought you should know, I can make pretty good free user layouts with time, better than the one I'm using for Aika, and icons, banners whatever.

So I just thought I'd offer my services in the graphics department if anyone needs any help.

I could help with profile descriptions and layouts as well.

Anything I can do to help.

And on that note, I'll admit I'm a Vyse x Aika fan, but I won't make her jump all over him and stuff, I may just make her write secret notes to herself or something but I'll keep it marked as private (meaning everyone can read it but can't actually REPLY to it if you get what I mean).

I've also roleplayed in a Harry Potter community before, so I can help out with anyone who doesn't understand much.

Ok that's all <.<;
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