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Okay, here's the deal. We need to ramp up before we start any kind of serious plot, so here are some suggested openings for your characters. I hope I don't skip anyone.

Vyse: Most likely I am trying to keep my hands busy doing something other than flying to Sailor's Island every day to see if new bounties have been posted. In short, I have island fever something fierce.

Aika: Undoubtedly trying to get Vyse to loosen up and find a hobby. It's also possible that she's off-island doing her own thing (looking for Ramirez with Fina, helping Enrique in Valua, moving the last of her stuff off of Pirate Island), and is therefore part of Vyse's problem, rather than part of the solution.

Lawrence: Either, A)hanging around the Sailor's Island guild again, waiting for someone willing to pay his fee, or, B) having _found_ someone willing to pay his fee (perhaps another player's character...?), sailing the skies at the helm of a ship.

Ramirez: Probably lurking somewhere in ruined Valua, plotting his lord's jailbreak. Alternately, he is also in a Valuan prison, or banished the the Lands of Ice, or in a similarly bad situation.

Piastol: Either still in the process of redeeming herself, or finally at peace with herself and settled in with Doc and Maria.

These are just recommendations -- feel free to come up with your own ideas.

Thoughts, Tip?

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