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OOC [answer at leisure]

Right, so, I’ve got a few questions. Bear with me, I’ve never played in an lj-based rpg before ^^ so this is mostly all new to me. I have written a character journal before, but that was a private project- and the lj it’s on was never connected to any games.

One- I assume the character journals are (to them) handwritten deals that other characters wouldn’t be snooping in unless they managed to steal it. Is this right, or does Arcadia miraculously have internet access all of the sudden? Don’t laugh, I’ve seen it on more ridiculous fandoms- it’s largely why I never have joined or really looked into any LJ based games before this one.

Two- Kind of meshes with one- if they’re handwritten I assume we won’t be commenting IC on one another’s journals, right? I’ve seen it before >_> again, there’s many reasons I have never touched any LJ-based games. # Three meshes right into # Two...

Three- How does character-character interaction work on here? Will we be keeping it to the main forum or what? Not that I have to worry about that for a while, the way I understand it, unless anyone happens to have a tranquilizer gun laying around IC to shoot Ramirez with. ^_~ I imagine he would not be... pleased... to meet any of our valiant heroes, unless perhaps with his hands firmly around their collective necks. Still, I’m curious for future reference and all that jazz.

For example, are we probably going to be doing everything in past-tense in the character’s journals [example: Vyse talking about Aika trying to smack him with one of Polly’s rolling pins], or would things be played out in comments [example: Vyse and Aika actually playing out this armed chase in the comments somewhere, which can be “blogged” about later]?

Four- If characters -do- interact in comments, is there a certain format we should use or would that be up to each player? Again, this meshes in with # Three (my questions are all nice and lined up, woot). I prefer anything I write as happening “currently” to be third person past tense, written like a story, with at least six full sentences per shot. But if it’s up to each individual and everyone else wanted to do *action* -speech- or some such odd thing, I’d -probably- go with it for the sake of fluidity. Unless it was really obnoxious and full of one-liners, at which point everyone would have to just stfu and deal with my long-winded message-board style format. ;)

Mirf... I’m sure I’ll have more later- but those are the ones itching around in my head currently. I’m sure some of it hasn’t been decided on yet- but I’m just fine with waiting for answers.

Er, and just as a suggestion- maybe we should make another community for this type of garbage I keep spamming, and for people to join on, and etc cetera... if this is going to turn into a more IC-based comm? Like... eternal_arcadia_ooc or sommat? Shoot me if I’m coming up with the obvious, as I said; I’m a complete n00b to lj-rpgs.
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