lawrence (darkestviolet) wrote in eternal_arcadia,

( knowing your place. )

Lawrence was not one to take chances. He had found himself in more and more questionable situations, however, he still tended to stray from those positions now that he had finished his temporary employment with the crew of the King of Rogues.

Vyse's determination was beginning to get irritating (moreso than it usually was); and he could see the figures descending upon him at nothing short of a human-pace. The jolly, old, fat Captain of the ship had stalled his crew to wave a hand to the two youngsters. It was strange to see two faces here - as the glaciers were usually void and barren and free of any life; except the occasional monsters that were scattered around this area.

Lawrence did not turn to glance back at them, and instead (perhaps in hopes that they would not see his face), he boarded the ship to prepare it for ascent.

"Ya' boys okay?" The Captain yelled to the duo atop the glacier, in a stout, gruff voice; weathered from the many skies he had seen. He had come to this land in search of the undiscovered moonstones that lay scattered beneath the ice. He was wondering, though, what two young boys were doing in these harsh parts...
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